Dude, it’s the Dude!

On Saturday I took part in a West Hollywood tradition, watching a movie projected on the side of the masoleum in the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Today’s feature: The Big Lebowski. I even saw a few souls wandering around in bathrobes.

We started out drinking Summer Shandy and eating crackers under a baking sun at 4, knowing the movie wouldn’t start for a good five hours. Like a young child, or a champ, we colored pictures, played cards, and enviously eyed the massive chocolate chip cookies our neighbors had brought.

It was a relief as the sun began to set and the air cooled a bit. We walked through the cemetery, noting the Hollywood stars buried on either side of us, Hitchcock, being the most notable to myself. We spread out our blanket facing the masoleum, poured our Pinot Grigio into mason jars, and awaited our magical movie adventure.

Yup, that’s the one and only Dude, as in the dude that played “the Dude” in The BIg Lebowski. (Ps. this is how I know I’m in Hollywood… like WTF?) After a much needed trip to the porta potties, I couldn’t seem to find my way back to our tiny blanket in the sea of Big Lebowski enthusiasts. I ended up siting down to enjoy the movie for a bit when the girl behind me offered some chocolate and friendship. Once again, LA loves me, and I love LA. I gotta say, I do miss the stars though…


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