Beach Bums

Baby, why don’t we ride down to the beach, get our toes wet, catch some waves?

Yeah, baby! It’s so nice outside, let’s see that pearly smile. Venice is the place to be. I mean, it is home to the world’s smallest front yard.

Let’s runaway. Let’s rise before the sun and set our sails. We’ll cruise to our secret island to swim with the dolphins, roam with the buffalo, and bathe in the Pacific sun.

And we’ll sip on our cocktails made of buffalo milk and hike the terrain. We’ll look for colorful fishes from our kayaks. We’ll dance, and laugh, and frolic together on the pier. We’ll jump in the ocean as soon as we awake, and we’ll sail away, sail away, sail away from our paradise.

Baby, let’s eat our cake for breakfast, and head to the pier. Ride them roller coasters, beautiful girl.

Oh man, what a week!


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