DIY: Drip-Paint Mason Jars

This DIY was perfect for my little sis and me. With hundreds of mason jars in the basement for canning tomato soup and strawberry jam, and a toolbox full of acrylics paints, we thought…. we’d create.

Mason jars are great for storing change, planting small ferns, decoration, making air fresheners, canning anything, and storing other things. I planted a fern so I had something to take care of when I moved to Venice.

You’ll need a mason jar, acrylic paints, and patience.

Step 1: Drip a drop of paint in the bottom of the mason jar.

Step 2: Flip the jar upside down, and let the paint drip to the edge.


Step 3: Repeat step 2 by placing a drop of your next color right next to the first.


Step 4: Keep it going! Drip, flip and wait. Repeat.

Ours started to get a little messy… we realized we painted our driveway. Confetti!

And Voila! Fill your jar with plants, candles, change, knic knaks… whatever your heart desires!





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