Lovely Planet Photo Shoot


We’re all on a journey to find our true passions in life, and having recently graduated from college, I often feel like I have a gun to my head with someone saying, “What’re ya gonna do for the rest of yer life?”


That’s my usual response. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I want, so I’m getting my toes wet wherever I can. (Usually at the beach. Hey, it’s California, might as well pretend I’m on a lifelong vacation.) I recently met up with Bianca Figuero, the designer behind the organic clothing line Lovely Planet, to model for her 2013 lookbook. She makes her clothing out of 100% natural, organic materials to create a super soft fit, and a chic, beachy look.

We spent the better part of our Saturday running in and out of the house looking for cool places to shoot in our neighborhood just south of Marina del Rey. Periodic rainfall made the shoot even more adventurous, because we were never sure if we could get to the beach and snap some pictures before getting utterly soaked.












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