Toilet Paper Art by Anastassia Elias


I can’t remember the last time I saw an empty roll of toilet paper and thought, how can I get crafty and reuse these? Let’s be honest, it’s not part of your standard creative repertoire and the TP rolls end up in the recycling bin. Well, besides the toilet paper roll I used for a manger I made in my kindergarten Sunday School class, and the flute I made by wrapping a paper towel roll in Aluminum foil in first grade.

Okay, so maybe the toilet paper roll is kind of crafty. Here’s proof that our bathroom necessity can transform into an artistic creation on par with a ship in a bottle. French artist Anastassia Elias recycles her rolls by turning them into miniature worlds of giraffes, boxing rings and palm trees. They’re so ornate you’ll want to shrink down and ride that tiny ferris wheel just for shits and giggles. The only question is, how on earth does she do it?






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