1st Annual Arbor Snow Trip to Mammoth

Rise and shine, it’s fresh pow time!


Last weekend marked the first annual Arbor snowboard trip to Mammoth Mountain. Thirty-five veteran backcountry riders and Mammoth noobies (even some first-time riders) loaded a coach bus in Venice with a keg of Great White (no tap), gummy bears soaked in vodka, and a bag of boxed wine — for slap the bag, obviously. #ArborSnowTrip was of epic proportions.

We took the first ‘ganja’-la ride to the summit and stepped out into a blizzard of white. Whiteout conditions, a crispy crew, and a chica who hadn’t rode since 2005. It’s a miracle we made it down the crunchy backside without losing a single soul. Although, I’m pretty sure that was the only run we all made it down together.

The day was filled with park runs, rails, kickers, rollers, an Olympic sized super pipe, and of course a little pine tree that all the guys ollied. The little tree laid me flat on my face. #InstaSLAM



We ordered a pizza to the hot tub and eventually found the right shuttle bus to take us to happy hour. We got five inches of fresh snow that night. Nothing is more beautiful than some powder.


“Buzzz buzz buzz… buzz buzz buzz.” I blindly reached for my phone to slide my finger across the screen and stop the buzzing from my alarm. It was 7:24 a.m. and my roomies Yvonne and Sara still hadn’t made it back from the night before. In fact, I hadn’t seen either of them since 9:30 yesterday morning.

We hit the backside of the mountain to ride freshies all day. Surfing the earth with the GoPro 3 charged up (Luckily, Noah brought two batteries since he always left the GoPro on in his pocket.)

We were only 12 people deep when they opened chair 14, which dropped us off at an untouched bowl and tree runs. We rode up to a nice little cliff, Noah looks down and says, “Woah, don’t go this way.” Another guy rides up next to him, slows down a little before he launches 15 feet over a tree and shoots down the mountainside. Two runs later, Noah did the same.




Cold toes, exhausted bodies and stoked beyond belief we loaded the coach bus back up to cruise back to Venice flying high.

#ArborSnowTrip was an #InstaSLAM and will be happening again in the near future. Stay tuned.

(Photos by Noah Lewkow and taken from Instagram)


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