Going Bananas at Coachella 2013

“Pop that molly, I’m sweatin’.” 

photo (18)

Sunset on Friday from between the Sahara and Gobi tents.

Day 1 of Coachella 2013 on the first weekend was unreal. In fact, the whole weekend was unreal. Maybe it’s because I bought a ticket off of Craigslist two days before the festival. Maybe it’s because drugs and booze are more proliferous than food. Maybe it’s because we got lost in the music each time we hit a new stage. Maybe it’s because of the thousands of beautiful souls that ventured out to Indio to run around half naked (in bikinis and high waisted shorts). Maybe it’s because Bassnectar killed it. Maybe.

photo (19)

Taken by Michelle at Purity Ring on Friday night.

Michelle and I spent hours wandering around the festival grounds on Friday after we arrived around 3 p.m. Immediately, I was ready to hit a sound stage and camp out for great acts to come on. We met up with her friend, let’s call him Bananas, for some companionship. He had arrived with two others, both of whom immediately sat down in the shade as far away from any stage as I could have imagined. They drank beer in the beer garden (no alcohol outside — unless you sneak it in) and that was it. Not really my scene. You can find me in the crowd, front and center, melting my face off and shaking my booty. That’s where you could find me the rest of the night. We hit Purity Ring, Modestep and Bassnectar for an epic first night of festival love.

Day 1 OOTD: Jean cutoff shorts, neon bikini top, crotchet tank, Nike sneakers, heart-shaped sunglasses and blue, tribal body paint.

The second day we got lost in the Sahara tent. No joke. We had a heart attack in line for the La Quinta shuttle when we realized we were going to miss 2 Chainz. So, the first show we went to was Major Lazer. We waited up front and center. There were these two kids right in front of us who were going crazy. One would pick the other up on his shoulders, they’d jump around, hug, then switch places and the other would pick his friend up on his shoulders. They had smiles from ear to ear. Even if the music were to stop I’m sure the duo would have gone right ahead jumping around and holding each other close. Starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, we sparked up. Then, Diplo came out on stage with a life-sized hamster ball, which he preceded to enter and run over our heads in the crowd. That’s right, he crowd surfed in his giant hamster ball. Bananas. It was heating up inside the tent. Sweat started dripping in places that I didn’t even know existed. Michelle and I looked at each other and with one nod, we started making for the side exit. Little did we know how many people were actually at Major Lazer, until we spent a good 15 minutes trying to reach a bit of fresh air. The crowd was an extra 40 feet deep outside the Gobi tent where Major Lazer was performing — pretty rad. The best part of the day – when Major said, ‘Snoop couldn’t be here today, but he wanted to give you this special message.’ That’s right, Snoop Doggy Dog said a few words, and the crowd went wild. Weekend complete (but not really).

We made our mandatory trip to the beer tent with Bananas for a brewskie before we hit the Sahara tent for Fedde Le Grand and Benny Benassi. Nothing like some good, classic house to get you through an early evening. An early evening quickly turned into late night dancing… and we never left the Sahara tent. Whooops, I guess we missed Two Door Cinema Club, The xx, and Booka Shade. It was a bummer, but we still had fun watching light shows, chasing around people with glowsticks and dancing to Knife Party.

Day 2 OOTD: High-waisted jean shorts, bralett, heart-shaped sunglasses, Nike sneakers and festival beads.


Michelle and I chillin’ after James Blake on day 3 outside the Gobi tent.

Day 3 had the best lineup of the weekend, starting with James Blake. We floated in and out of the Gobi and Sahara tents, stopping for a quick dance, laying down on the grass, spinning in circles, and meeting many wild animals who were out on the prowl. My spicy mango popsicle (the only food I bought the whole weekend) tantalized my taste buds and tickled my tongue. It was like eating a mango with Cholula drizzled on top, yummmm. La Roux opened with “In for the Kill,” to my very disappointment that it wasn’t “Yin for the Kill.” Oh, well.  We bounced to get a few brewskies before our last night of mayhem. The wind began picking up, slapping us silly as we huddled together for warmth. We thought, should we venture to buy sweatshirts? Nah. Let’s get deep into that crowd instead,” I said as we looked out over the thousands of bodies swaying as one body under the lazers dancing over their heads on the Outdoor stage. Pretty Lights just started. We moved up close and found a little area where the three of us could dance freely, but feel the warmth from the crowd. “Wu Tang, Wu Tang, Wu Tang.” A chant began to grow. Bahaha, that laugh, that grin so wide and open — feeling nothing but pure ecstacy. Wu-Tan Clan stole the weekend away, but they got nothin on me.

We traversed horizontally through the entire crowd from the Outdoor stage to land in front of hte middle of the Main stage, straight across the beer garden. Red Hot Chili Peppers were going to start soon. We had met a small crew from Las Angeles complete with Carpool Ken. The giant blow-up doll that served as our North star for the night. Words almost can’t even describe Red Hot Chili Pepper’s performance. First of all, our wind storm had turned into a sandstorm and we were blasted in the face for the entire set (not that we really cared, or noticed even). We heard “Under the Bridge,” “Otherside,” “Suck My Kiss,” and so many more. I still find myself  listening to RHCP in my mind, with the large sound from the festival. We almost didn’t make it home this night due to getting lost in the campsites, but eventually, we found our way back. We crawled into our covers, and slept.

Day 3 OOTD: Urban Outfitters sundress, Nike sneakers, heart-shaped sunglasses, and a flannel for late night. Thank God, because there was a insane sandstorm that night. We left the festival covered in dust, freezing cold and out of this world. Say what?

photo (20)

Michelle gets on shoulders at Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“Bananas. ”

“This shit is bananas.”



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