Skateboarding Legend Mark Gonzales Celebrates 15 Years with Adidas


If you know anything about the skating world at all, you’be probably heard of Mark Gonzales, aka ‘The Gonz’.

He practically invented street skateboarding, and he’s a contemporary artist who has plastered hi signature ‘shmoo’ characters everywhere, including the walls of HVW8 Art + Design Gallery in Hollywood. That’s where Friday’s reception took place. Tons of pro skaters, photographers and industry friends were all gathered together to celebrate Gonzales’ 15 years of riding for adidas. Congrats bro, you’ve pulled off tons of crazy stunts and your still starting the party everywhere you go.


Photos of Gonzales by six different photographers — Joe Brook, Benjamin Deberot, Brian Gaberman, Gabe Morford, Skin Phillips and Sem Rubio were properly displayed on the wall, in addition to a wall done up in Sharpie by the legend himself. Free PBR and Jack Daniels kept the back patio thumping where film clips were being projected on the back wall.


I kept waiting for Gonzales to pull some crazy stunt that would blow everybody’s minds. He’s known for doing such things. Sadly, I only caught a glimpse  of the legend and muster out a ‘Hello’ at the table where we redeemed our goodie bags. That’s alright Mark, I’m sure we’ll meet again?

By the way, he was the first person to skate handrails, and he invented the ‘hippie jump’ (when the skater jumps over an obstacle and the board goes underneath).




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