Content Marketing That Stays True to Your Brand


Marketing does two things: one, it keeps your current customers engaged with your brand and two, it introduces your brand to new customers. Content marketing has become the norm. Brands aren’t just selling their products, their selling a lifestyle and a niche community.

Engaging your already loyal fans is easy. They probably already wear your clothes, hats and jackets or ride your boards, and that’s great. They also probably engage with the photos you post to Instagram, see your posts in their Facebook news feed, and follow the brand in the news. These aren’t the individuals we’re worried about; they love you and they’ll keep coming back until you screw up.

The hard part about marketing is engaging with the upcoming crop of customers for your brand, let’s say kids ages 12-18. If you turn those kids into loyal customers the brand will continue to grow as a leading influencer in your industry. Famous Stars & Straps President Bill Gage nailed it in an interview with Transworld Business. He said:

“Surround yourself with young people who are immersed in the lifestyle of the brand. Never stop learning. New idea’s never stop flowing but the execution of the concept all the way to the sales register is what matters most to the retailer.”

Immersing yourself in the culture and the ideals of your company, is the golden key to content marketing because you’ll be authentic, and as we all know, you can’t fake authenticity online.


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