Finding New Music — Jesus Sons

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of surf, grunge rock to give my ears a break from the typical electronic beats that push me through the day. To me, music always reflects my mood and energy and the repetitive, drawn out riffs of a lazy surf rock group like the Growlers happen to put a smile on my face when I crack a beer on the beach after a solid surf sesh.

That’s right, great jams have been muddling through my mind of late, and last Sunday, the world spoke to me. In a very, very musical way as it always does. I went to a BBQ at a local motorcycle/surf/coffee shop (no, I’m not joking) called Dues Ex Machina with a couple friends. Although Deus Ex Machina throws a get-down every Sunday with donation-based brews, this happened to be their 2 year anniversary party, which means extra fun is to be had.

When we arrived on our pedal-bicycles, which we locked up out front so nobody would see, the party had already started. People were drinking Lagunitas IPA, Pacifico and a variety of other liquids mixed with whiskey. What else would you expect at a biker event? Oh yeah, everyone was wearing dark colors so leave your technicolor jumpsuit at home, thank you.

I barely made it to the bar to grab a drink. Five cuties dressed like it was still the 60s stood under a pop-up tent singing jams reminiscent of my surf rock obsession. Swoon. I danced and danced with my girls in the concrete parking lot until Jesus Sons quit playing. Yes, Jesus Sons. Apparently, they record everything straight to tape, release records, and travel the country in their tour van. I’ve been jamming to them ever since. Check ’em out after the jump.



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